“When you allow students to envision their own learning and create a style that really works for them, what you’re doing is creating lifelong learners.”

NMIEL is an institution where students learn by doing.

NMIEL was founded to develop new, personalized learning program that center on the student keeping in view that every student see the world with his/her own experience.

NMIEL is a beautiful spectrum of mental & physical development. We provide our students opportunities to learn at their own pace in a stress free environment. We focus on developing students skills in arts, literature, science & math beside their academic progress we also leading student in polishing their character as a good Muslim who can add value to the society.

Developing creative skills, character building, independent learning approach, entrepreneurship, self-direction, collaborative capabilities, integrate science & technologies in students daily learning are some of the key feature of NMIEL.

Why Us

Focus on Individual difference:

We make small group of students  based on their level of independence and academic ability.

Conceptual Learning Approach:

Beside a set span of time our students only promoted to the next group when they have demonstrated mastery level in their targeted skills & a level of independence.

Experiential & Inquire Base Learning:

Students learn by performing experiments & inquiring things, books & other content resource are used to do inquiry.

Independent & Collaborative Learning Approach:

Here teachers surf the purpose of facilitator or mentor & don’t involve in direct teaching, students are allowed to learn by experiencing them, individually or within a group.

Learn Decision Making & Ownership of their Learning:

At NMIEL under the supervision of experts & mentors students set their own goals of learning.

Stress Free Learning:

When student set & own their learning goals reduces stress and increases independence.

Portfolio Base Assessment:

Students have their portfolio of what they have learned & a mastery transcript as evidence of learning.

Can Track your Child Progress Anytime:

Parents can view their child goal trackers anytime & attend student-led conferences and Exhibitions.

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